Natural Appetite Suppressants To Help You Lose Weight

Natural Appetite Suppressants To Help You Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, it might be worth considering one of the many natural appetite suppressants available. Because they’re natural they’ll be much better for you than products filled with chemicals, and can often have just the same results! But what’s available? Let’s have a look through a few natural appetite suppressants now.


Water is probably the most natural and cost-effective natural appetite suppressants available. If you drink a glass of water before your meal you’ll feel fuller quicker, as your stomach is already full of water! Not only that, but water also helps your body to metabolise fat quicker, and if you think of water as an aide to weight loss you’ll be more likely to get your essential 6-8 glasses per day. If you have it ice cold it’s even more advantageous, with studies showing that the body uses up to 60 calories to digest it. What are you waiting for? Fill up your ice tray!


Pine nut oil supplements are becoming increasingly popular in the weight loss market, even being touted as the new Hoodia. A specific acid in pine nut oil, called pinolenic acid, can stimulate hormones in the body to create a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, with the effect lasting for up to 4 hours. But you don’t have to take a supplement – just eat a handful of pine nuts or take a tablespoon of pine nut oil before eating and you’ll find that you won’t need to eat nearly as much. And again as it’s a natural food product, no side effects!


Green tea can be a great way to aide weight loss, and is possibly one of the lazier options from a range of natural appetite suppressants available! If you drink 3-6 cups per day you can lose around 70-80 calories a day, or 10lbs in 6 weeks if you drink green tea instead of coffee, and if you drink it after meals you’ll be left feeling fuller for longer. If you don’t want to drink that much tea you can always opt for green tea supplements instead, which will have the same effect. Green tea shouldn’t have any side effects (apart from the jitters if you drink too much caffeine – just go for decaf instead!), but it shouldn’t be consumed if you’re pregnant or lactating, or if you have heart, thyroid or kidney problems. But, it has other health benefits as well and is crammed with antioxidants, so you should definitely bear it in mind.


Not for everyone, but caffeine has been shown to suppress appetite. As long as you don’t drink too much of it, and drink it straight after the meal to have the best effect, it could be worth considering.


Adding fibre into your diet, particularly in the morning, can be a great way to suppress your appetite. High fibre foods fill you up quickly so you’ll eat less and keep you fuller for longer too, and if you eat it first thing in the morning it kick starts your metabolism to start burning up fat straight away. If you think you need a bit of extra help, try a fibre supplement. Be warned of some stomach trouble if you eat too much though!
As you can see there are a lot of natural appetite suppressants available, so you don’t have to resort to chemical-filled diet pills to get the results you want. Because they’re completely natural most don’t come with any undue side effects, and many of them can simply be added to your daily diet. What could be easier than that?! Many will not only suppress your appetite but they can make you feel fuller quicker when you do eat, and can also make you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer. Try some of the above natural appetite suppressants and you never know, you might never be plagued by hunger pangs again!
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